Glutafaur soap


Pack of 2 Skin whitening soap
75 gm soap with monocarton.

₹258 ₹219

Product Information

Tired of dark spots, acne scars, dull spots, and age spots? By lowering a pigment known as melanin, this 75mg Glutafaur whitening soap by Revluk helps to make your skin's complexion silky soft, bright, glowy, satin-smooth, supple, and even more.

It has additional nourishing ingredients that make your skin softer and smoother. It will give you skin that is younger-looking, clearer, radiant, and glowing.

kesar extract, arbutin, titanium  dioxide, vitamin E acetate, glutathione, camphor, sodium  ascorbyl phosphate


KESAR EXTRACT: Kesar contains a substantial amount of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It reduces redness and soreness, soothes active zits, and kills the bacteria that cause acne. Its inherent capacity to tangibly lessen pigmentation makes it effective as well. By hydrating the skin cells from within, it combats dry skin. Your age is reversed as a result, making your skin appear younger and more youthful.

VITAMIN E ACETATE: Vitamin E acetate helps to prevent early skin aging brought on by UV rays. Compared to well-moisturised skin, dry skin  often seems more wrinkled. Vitamin E oil's hydrating properties may make the skin appear younger and less wrinkled.

ARBUTIN: Arbutin can help to reduce the appearance of scars, even out, brighten and lighten the skin tone, and dark spots. By reducing  the impact of UV rays, it also lessens the degree of skin pigmentation following exposure to the sun.

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Samanta J.

6 days ago

Good, perfect size

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