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300 ml pump Bottle with sticker.

₹299 ₹239

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Fall in love with your Skin every day with Coffee Body Wash. This body wash is enriched with powerful coffee extracts that work like magic for your Skin. It gently cleanses, exfoliates, and soothes the Skin. Thanks to its enriched antioxidant properties, that fight anti-aging and free radicals that can cause skin damage. If you have dark circles, fine lines, and dark patches around your body, then you must give it a try with this amazing Coffee Body Wash.


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ÂCoffee extract: Coffee is one of the best beneficial ingredients for healthy and glowing Skin. It works great in preventing the Skin from anti-aging, dark circles, and dark spots and makes your Skin youthful.

ÂCocoa extract: works commendably in removing the scars and blemishes around the Skin. It improves the Skin's brightness by increasing blood flow and hydration, essential for achieving a younger-looking complexion.

ÂGlycerin: is a powerful moisturizing agent. It nourishes and moisturizes the Skin and makes it smooth, supple and hydrated.

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Samanta J.

6 days ago

Good, perfect size

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