Revluk started its operational journey in 2016 with just a few products and a dream to create innovative and effective products that would add value to our customers' lives. Revluk has introduced you to clear, healthy, and radiant skin using natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. Today, we have a wide range of products in Skincare, Haircare, Baby Care, and Men care with a robust presence in India. We pick the best ingredients to craft well-balanced and effective products that deliver fruitful results. We are pioneering Third-party manufacturers of natural skin care products formulated with the ingredients taken directly from Mother Nature.

We've set the best level of consideration for our products. We collaborate with Science Experts to understand sensitive skin and develop solutions specifically formulated for sensitive skin concerns to ensure you get the finest care for your skin. We manufacture gentle and effective skincare products free of harmful sulfates, silicones, and parabens through clinical research and collaboration with healthcare professionals. Hence, our products are secure, nature-inspired, doctors prescribed, and dermatologically tested. Give this a try and fall in love with the complete Nutrition, Skin Care, Hair Care, and Bath & Body Product collection.

You bloom from inside when your skin and hair are nourished with something natural and non-toxic.


We adhere to the highest quality, hygiene, and professional requirements and provide products that exceed industry norms. The use of thoroughly selected raw materials assures consistency in quality. Our skin-friendly products are loaded with natural components that are entirely safe and have no adverse effects, promoting healthy and beautiful skin. We support fair trade practices as well as ecologically friendly and recyclable packaging. To raise your skin and hair, you need a robust shield to protect yourself from the hazards, mainly due to air pollution and drastic atmospheric changes.

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