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Vitamin C benefits have long been well-recognized in the cosmetic territory. But this bottle combines certain additional elements as well that enhance the power of this staple Vitamin on the move. While preventing your facial features from sagging or other natural disasters, the formulation improves skin appearance and texture. The 30ml bottle carries aloe vera and rose liquid extract that augments the quality of this Vitamin C serum by RevLuk.


Vitamin-C , Aloevera Extract, Rose Liquid Extract , D-Panthenol


Vitamin-C , Aloevera Extract, Rose Liquid Extract , D-Panthenol , Phenoxyehanol , Citric Acid , Tween-20, Perfume


Key Ingredients:-

Vitamin-C: The master ingredient of this face serum Vitamin C has excellent hydrating properties. While promoting collagen production, it even brightens up your skin, preventing it from sagging as well.

Aloe vera Extract: This serum becomes the best product of this age just because of this particular ingredient that acts as a natural moisturizer for skin and fights ageing.

Rose Liquid Extract: Reduce fine lines and skin wrinkles with a luxurious feel because the serum carries rose liquid extract that lifts your senses while giving you an excellent beauty treatment.

D-Panthenol: Through this particular ingredient, the serum tries to provide vital moisture and hydration to your skin.

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Samanta J.

6 days ago

Good, perfect size

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