How to Shortlist the Best Face Wash for Glowing Skin?

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We all know that Aloe vera is one of the best natural remedies for dull skin. Aloe vera gel plays an important role in reducing acne and pimples.

Vitamin E protects the skin from various harmful effects caused by solar radiation.

Cleanses the face

Hydrates the skin

Fight existing acne and prevent future breakouts.

Deals with multiple skin issues with toxin-free and nourishing ingredients

Glycolic acid reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by exfoliating the top layer of skin. Accelerates skin cell renewal as well as boosts skin's collagen production, maintaining skin's natural ability to hold hydration.

 Revluk Gloluk Face Wash Gel brings to you the goodness of these three ingredients Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Glycolic Acid.

Revluk Gloluk Face Wash Gel is made by dermatologist and ayurvedic expert from natural active ingredients to promote you naturally beautiful and healthy skin.

You take a small amount of Revluk Gloluk Face Wash Gel and it is sufficient for the whole face. But it does not create heavy lather. It just forms a light lather which is really good. This will not make your skin excessively dry. Revluk Gloluk Face Wash Gel thoroughly cleanses the skin, removing dirt, impurities and oil from the face. Skin feels refreshed after washing face with Revluk Gloluk Face Wash Gel.
When your skin comes back home from exposure to hot sun, dust, and polluted environment, it usually requires a lot of face wash to clean off the dirt and oil for the whole day, which makes your skin dry. But Revluk Gloluk Face Wash Gel keeps the oily away from the skin and also does not let your skin dry. Hence Revluk Gloluk Face Wash Gel is good for both dry and oily skin types. Also Revluk Gloluk Face Wash Gel is Soap free.

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If you don’t know your skin type, we are here to help you. All you need is a piece of clean tissue paper. First, wash your face with plain water and wait for 5 minutes. Now wipe off your face with it. 

If the tissue looks oily, your skin type is oily. 
If only the T-zone of your face is oily, it is a combination skin type. 
You have dry skin if the tissue stays intact and your skin feels parched.


The Deep Cleansing Action of The Face Wash Combined With Its Skin Balancing & Nourishing Effect Helps Bring Out the Natural Skin Radiance.
Aloe Vera Facewash can help to cleanse the skin deeply and can help the face keep nourished with moisture. It can helps to tackle
It removes not just makeup but also deep-seated dirt and impurities from the skin leaving it feeling fresh and soft
Revluk Aloevera Face Wash Enriched With Vitamin E Glycolic
Gloluk Face Wash to remove excess oil and control pimples, blackheads and whiteheads
This face wash is free of Sulphate, Parabens, Silicones and Color
Made In India   

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