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Revluk  is a brand that is suitable for use on all different kinds of skin and comes highly
recommended by dermatologists. Our sunscreens, for example, are designed to boost your
skin's beauty while also repairing and preventing harm to your skin. An effective way of
preventing skin damage from the sun is to use a sunscreen lotion. They play a crucial part in
preventing ultraviolet (UV) rays from penetrating the skin, which would otherwise be harmful and
cause pre-mature aging. The sun's ultraviolet rays can cause sunburns and skin cancer as well.

The sun emits a variety of light rays of various wavelengths. We can see some of them, like
visible light, while others, like UV radiation, are invisible to the naked eye. Your skin is affected
in different ways by the various wavelengths. UV radiation is of various types, and two of them
are hazardous to human skin:
 Skin aging is linked to ultraviolet A (UVA).
 Burning is a common side effect of exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB).
Even while UVA and UVB radiation have different effects on the skin, they both have a negative
impact on the body. It's possible to develop skin cancer from both of these.

Types of Sunscreen
Sunscreen comes in two forms: chemical and physical.
1. Chemical Sunscreens
Chemical sunscreens absorb up to a dozen chemicals into the skin's top layer. They
absorb UV rays and convert them to energy before harming the skin. They are thinner
than physical ones, so they're employed in facial sunscreens and spray bottles.
Chemical sunscreens must be absorbed into the skin before being worn outside.
2. Physical Sunscreens
Physical sunscreens include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These chemicals sit on the
skin and deflect solar rays. They defend the skin by reflecting, whereas chemical
sunscreens are absorbed in the skin. Both chemicals block UVA and UVB radiations.
Generally, physical sunscreens leave a white tint because they're thicker.

Differences between Sun Protection Factors 30 and 50
A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 will block about 96.7 percent of the UVB rays that come from the
sun. If you use sunscreen with an SPF of 50, you will be protected from approximately 98
percent of UVB radiation. Anything with an SPF rating higher than 50 makes very little of a
difference in terms of protection from sun damage.

Benefits of Using a Sunscreen Lotion
Prevents premature aging of the skin.
Protects skin against UV rays.
Lowers blotchiness on the face.
 Reduces the risk of skin cancer.
Helps in avoiding sunburns.
Helps to maintain even skin tone.
Avoid Broken Blood Vessels also known as telangiectasias

Buy the best sunscreen lotion in India- Revosun sunscreen
So, sun damage is well-known. UVA and UVB radiation produce sunburn, black patches, and
dry, irritated skin. Solution? Buy the best sunscreen lotion in India to protect and hydrate your
Revosun sunscreen by Revluk U. A. E. is the best sunscreen lotion in India, and it is
good for all skin types. The Revosun SPF 50 sunscreen formula soothes and protects the skin.
The sunscreen has shea butter as one of its key ingredients, which is an anti-aging component.
It boosts collagen, the skin's scaffolding protein. This butter's vitamins A and E nourish and
hydrate the skin. Our products have been tested and approved by dermatologists. They are
good for all skin types and do not contain any ingredients that could be harmful.

Buy the best sunscreen lotion in India today so you don’t have to worry about skin damage
and burns anymore

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